Salman Khan reveals how Sanjay Dutt tried to convince him to get married

When will Salman Khan get married? This question remains the most asked question among his fans. The superstar has smartly dodged the question with some witty answers. So when he graced The Kapil Sharma Show lately, he faced the same question, ‘when will you get married?’. But this time, Salman Khan had the wittiest answer of all time. He narrated an incident when his close friend and Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt once tried very hard to convince him to get married. He even pointed out several advantages of being married.

Salman Khan is heard saying, “Sanju baba mujhe convince kar rahe the ki Bhaijaan, you should get married, bro. Phone ki ghanta bhi baj rahi thi unki. When you come from shooting, you’re tired, your wife is there to comfort you. His phone again rings. Shaadi na is like the best thing in the world. Bhaijaan, one second my wife is calling me.”

Mimicking his friend Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan narrates how once he tried to convince him to get married, however he failed. The crowd bursts into laughter.

In another promo of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil Sharma asks Salman Khan if he’s comfortable working with a new actress. To this, the superstar says, “Kiss viss toh karta nahi main onscreen to mujhe koi fark nahi padta” (I don’t do kissing scenes so it doesn’t bother me)

Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan who was sitting next to him joins them and says, “Offscreen hi itna kar lete hain jarurat hi nahi padti”

After this, Salman Khan, Kapil Sharma and the audience burst into laughter. Going by the promos, it seems like this episode is going to be a complete laugh riot.

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