Here’s why Salman doesn’t maintain a diary anymore

When Salman Khan launches someone, he goes all out to promote them and ensure that they get maximum attention. The superstar, who is launching two newcomers in Bollywood — Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl in ‘Notebook’ — is pulling out all stops to make sure that the film performs well. Set in a picturesque valley, the romantic drama has a notebook at the center of the storyline and plays an important role in bringing the two protagonists together.

At a recent promotional event, which Salman attended, he was asked whether he keeps a notebook or diary. He replied saying that there was a time when he decided to maintain a diary because he thought it would be a nice and poured his heart out on the very first day.

However, when he read what he had written, he realized that although what he had written was the truth, it could land some people in trouble, if the diary ever fell in the wrong hands. Salman then decided to write the whole post in a different way in his diary but when he read it the next day, he realized that what he had written was not the truth. And in trying to keep people out of trouble, he had written things that could land him in trouble.

Salman then decided that he didn’t want himself or anyone else to fall into trouble, because of the diary and decided not to keep one anymore. And that is how his short tryst with keeping a diary ended.

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